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Steel Silo For Sale

Steel Silo For Sale
Galvanized Steel
Grain, Paddy,Corn,Soybean, Wheat etc.
SRON corrugation galvanized bolted steel silo adopts hight standard raw material from China national or internation holding steel plant, zinc layer 275~600g/m2 alvailable, with automation manufacturing production line.

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Steel Silo For Sale


At present, according to incomplete statistics,steel silos accounted for 92% of the total number of silos in rice processing plants, flour factories, vegetable oil plants, food factories, wineries and other enterprises,. Because of meeting the requirements of short storage time, high degree of mechanization, high efficiency, favored by all kinds of enterprises.

Product Structure

The structure of steel silo can be divided into six basic parts as follow: the building above silo roof, silo roof, silo wall, silo bottom, supporting structure and the silo foundation.


Usually, steel silos with diameter less than 10 m should adopt the overhead supporting structure and a conical bottom, which is beneficial to mechanized operation, while steel silos with diameter more than 12 m are suitable to adopt floor-type flat bottom and underground discharge chute.


The foundation will bear most of the material’s weight.

Product Advantage


Good overall performance and long service life. During the construction process, the steel silo is completely constructed by special equipment. During the rolling process, the external wall of the silo is made into a spiral protruding strip 5 times the thickness of the material and 30mm-40mm wide, which greatly strengthens the bearing capacity of the warehouse body and makes the overall strength, stability and shock resistance of the steel silo better than other warehouses. In addition, according to the requirements of anti-corrosion and grinding strength of storage materials, we choose the best proportion of plate, so that its normal service life can reach 30-40 years. Well beyond the life of the other silo.


Good air tightness and wide application. Steel silo because of the use of special equipment winding silo bending, bite, in the process to ensure the quality of any part of the silo body, so its sealing is particularly good, can store cement, fly ash, slag ultrafine powder and other powder materials, in the building materials industry is widely used. Such as cement plant, power plant, grinding station.


Short construction period and low cost. Screw bite steel silo site construction, silo roof ground installation. Lipper construction equipment can be formed, curved line speed up to 5 m/min, do not need to put up scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, so the construction period is very short.Spiral steel silo is made of thin steel plate, the weight is only equal to the weight of the reinforced concrete silo with the same capacity, greatly reducing the cost. In addition, because it can be used to bend and shape two different materials inside and outside the cylinder by double-layer bending method, the engineering cost of storing corrosive materials in chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries can be greatly reduced.


Small floor space and easy to manage.Spiral Steel silos are different from other steel silos, and the height and diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a large range. The minimum distance between the two compartments is 500mm, which can make full use of the space and reduce the footprint. Screw bite steel silo automation degree is high, coupled with temperature measurement, material level and other equipment, user management is very convenient.


High strength: the continuous spiral bite edge of the steel plate bunker is five times the thickness of the base material, which greatly enhances the load resistance of the steel plate bunker.


Cover an area of less dead weight light: the height of the big is silo diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a large range, the spacing of steel silo as small as 50 cm, can make full use of space. The self-weight of the spiral steel silo is only 1/6 of that of the concrete bin of the same volume, and the steel bar weight of the concrete bin of the same volume is the same, which can greatly reduce the load of the foundation structure and the construction cost of the silo.

Why More and more Companies Choose Steel Silo For Sale

Steel silo Provides Better Grain Aeration
If you’re storing grains, opt for a steel silo for better content aeration. It is easier and more effective to aerate grains in steel silos compared to concrete. Providing airflow in a tall, concrete silo is unreasonable compared to providing the same for shorter and wider steel silos. Steel silos also do not depend as much on outside temperatures to achieve the proper grain temperature, as lower grain depth leads to lower heat of compression in the aeration system, and thus no need for lower outside temperatures.

Steel silo is More Cost-Effective
Concrete silos may seem cheaper than steel upon initial investment, but a look into the life span of a steel silo will tell a different story. Steel silos can last much longer than concrete without cracking or needing reinforcement. Steel silos also deliver greater storage capacity, giving the user more value for the cost. During the construction of a concrete silo, you may pay more for additional people working on site, longer time frame due to poor weather, and other unfavorable variables you avoid with steel construction. If you’re looking for a silo that can store bulk feed, hay, coal, powder products, food products, or other items safely and securely, steel is the more cost-effective option.

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