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Silo System Solution for Clinker Mill Plant Industry

Silo System Solution for Clinker Mill Plant Industry
Silo Size:
Storage Materials:
Cold clinker, limestone, gypsum, fly ash, slag, other additives and finished cement.
Silo Type Applicable:
Bolted Silo, Spiral Folded Silo, Welded Sil
Auxiliary System:
Bucket elevator, dust collector system, air chute system, silo aeration system, truck loader, bag packing system etc

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SRON Steel Silo System in Clinker Mill Plant Industry

Steel silos used in cement mill plant industry for storage of various types of raw or finished materials, here can also use steel silo for storage of clinker as its temperature is low. The silo size/height design is adjustable to match with flow requirement of whole cement plant, well arrangement of silo unloading fluidization system is a must and the whole system design and equipment must bear high working load requirement at clinker milling plant. And insulation is also considered according to local environment temperature.


Reasonable connection to the upstream and downstream equipment in clinker mill plant

Can also use steel silo for clinker storage

Compact silo system layout, space saving

Fast construction time and cost saving than concrete silos

Fast turn-over profit

Flexible function connected to truck loading and bag bagging




Usually the whole system includes: clinker bucket elevator, clinker silo system, cement feeding bucket elevator, dust collector system, silo aeration system, cement unloading system, bulk truck loading, bag packing system, bag palletiser and bag truck loading system

Economical Silo Model for Choice

Single Silo VolumeSilo ModelAdvantages
100-800m3Bolted SiloFor Additive Storage Easy Installation Cost Saving
500-7000m3Spiral Folded SiloFor Clinker and Cement Germany silo technology Good anti-corrosion performance as the materials for silo is by hot galvanized steel plate High Sealing Performance Strong silo solidity Short Construction Time Cost Saving
7000-50000m3Welded SiloFor Clinker and Cement Applicable for various types of materials Big volume of single silo High performance of sealing

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