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Sand Silo

Sand Silo
Carbon Steel
Sand ect.
Adopt wear-resistant manganese plate, hopper bottom, bolted structure, modular part construction, building fast.

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Product Features

◇ Cylindrical support structure with flap and locked door.

◇ Safe filling with vent valves and flow meter.

◇ Digital display of percentage level or Kg. cubed.

◇ Secured manual valve to extract sand at will.

◇ Ventilation filter with 50 L tub for collecting fines.

◇ General measurements Ø 2,250 x 7,500 mm high.

Product Benefits


Sand has strong water absorption, easy to damp, drying of the sand needed in many cases, dry storage has become a major problem in the storage of sand.

SRON sand steel silo can solve these problems. SRON using high-tech materials to create the steel silo, sealed performance is excellent, can obstruct outside moist air into, so as to ensure the constant temperature of the cabin air and dry, efficient protection of sand storage. 



Sand has a strong liquidity, is not easy to place. If there are no obstacle to stacking forming, causing a lot of wasted space, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise.

SRON sand storage silo can help you solve the problem, natural cylindrical silo wall, for sand into the good package tied, very good solve the sand flow of difficult storage problem.


Sand particles themselves are very light and small. When a gust wind blows, open-air storage sand will be dispersed in the air, affecting the quality of the surrounding air, resulting in serious environmental pollution. In case of strong winds, there may be the formation of sandstorm, harm the surrounding environment. Tiny sand particles suspended in the air, inhaled human respiratory system can cause serious harm.

If you choose SRON sand storage steel silo, you will not meet the problem of pollution mentioned above. SRON steel silo has good sealing property, efficient storage of sand, material loss rate to a minimum, at the same time saving the cost of production for you.


SRON sand storage steel silo uses airtight silo storage. The inside silo can be installation of temperature control system, effectively regulate the cabin temperature and humidity, to meet the sand itself with mud weight invariant constant to the preservation of the environment, it is conducive to high quality sand long-term efficient storage.

Sand in many applications, especially in the use of concrete; require special attention to maintain many of its physical properties. Ordinary concrete gravel concrete amount of about three-quarters of the total weight, the quality of sand and gravel for concrete is very important; it not only affects the strength of concrete, but also greatly affects the durability and performance of concrete structures.

Sand Storage Silo Why Choose SRON

SRON is considered as one of the renowned Sand Storage Silo manufacturers in china that offers pre-fabricated and customized storage solutions for different applications.


We are in the business of providing engineered solutions for bulk materials handling and manufacture equipment designed using the industry’s best practice.


We manufacture highly Sand Storage Silo to fill the requirements of construction, engineering and process industries. If you have any Sand Silo requirement, please just tell us.

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