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Maize Silo

Maize Silo
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SRON corrugation galvanized bolted steel silo adopts hight standard raw material from China national or internation holding steel plant, zinc layer 275~600g/m16 alvailable, with automation manufacturing production line.

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Maize Silo


Maize Silo – Perfect Storage Solution for Maize

Maize Silos by SRON offer a pertinent solution for maize storage by using dominion Zincalume Steel that offers high tensile strength along with AirTight technology. These Moisture proof Maize Silos can withstand strong winds and snow loads. We have a huge range of Flat bottom silo and hopper bottom silos that are designed as per the customer requirements following the ISO standards. SRON offer Grain Storage Systems equipped with Monitoring systems, Automation systems, Aeration systems and Advanced Material Handling.

Product Benefits

◇ Custom built design--- customize design

We design high-quality Maize Silo as per the customer requirements where quality standards are maintained as well.


◇ Easier to unload--convenient reclaiming

We will design the silo reclaiming line according to requirement, to bulk load out or packing or go to processing plant.

While the choose the discharging method according to silo capacity and silo clearance frequency, such as hopper silo full gravity unloading or semi-back full concrete hopper unloading, or multi discharging hole discharging, or use a sweep auger.


◇ Efficient storage

Storage corn in bulk in silo is much efficient compared with flat warehouse storage or bag storage. As it is a vertical storage structure, it requires less ground surface area to save an equal amount of Maize as compared to the normal warehouse storage.

Product Benefits

◇ Reduce grain handling losses.

Store and handle grain in bulk is help to reduce the grain post harvesting waste due to package or pest, mildew, etc. Guarantee smallholder farmers food security in developing countries.


◇Mechanical ventilation

It is convenient for ventilation and keep maize storage safety in steel silos. Also, the temperature resistant feature helps to achieve the proper grain temperature, therefore you don’t need to maintain temperature via external sources.


◇ Safeguarding the Agro-Ecosystems

Maize Silo reduces post-harvesting losses and thereby contributing to sustainability. It also eliminates the use of pesticides which can have negative impacts on the environment.

Product Advantages

1.Our Maize silo is made from double side galvanized steel, raw material from National holding steel plant, guarantee quality

2.Good air-tightness, prevent humid and mildew occurring.

3.temperature controlling, DCS controlling, with temperature and humid sensor, level indicator can be installed inside the silo. Realizing real-time monitoring.

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