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Grain Steel Silo Manufacturers

Grain Steel Silo Manufacturers
Galvanized Steel
Grain, Paddy,Corn,Soybean, Wheat etc.
SRON corrugation galvanized bolted steel silo adopts hight standard raw material from China national or internation holding steel plant, zinc layer 275~600g/m9 alvailable, with automation manufacturing production line.

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Grain Steel Silo Manufacturers


Grain steel silo are commonly selected steel silos or steel bins to storage bulk grains and other materials. Large volume storage is its typical feature, the storage volume of this type grain storage silo ranges from 39 m³ to 29726 m³.

These grain bins are erected on flat or conical concrete foundations for long-term storage of large quantities of grain, seeds, pellets and granular products, etc. 

Steel Grain Silo components associated

◇ Silo Inlet

◇ Access Ladder

◇ Vent/Breather

◇ Sealed Entrance

◇ Perforations for Ventilation

◇ Discharge Port

◇ Concrete Base

◇ Conveying Area

◇ Ventilation Channels

Features of Grain steel silo

1. Automatic-flow unloading; save resources and costs;

2. Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°;

3. Could be movable; easily to be installed;

4. Do not need a serious concrete, labor and energy cost; less grain residues in steel grain silo;

5. Hopper structure prevents loss of time and money during the unloading period.

Grain steel silo Application

1. SRON Grain steel silo series is specially designed by senior engineers in our company, with high-quality Steel board.

2. Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°,among which 60° conical bottom is usually used to store larger pellet and powder materials with high viscosity.

3.  SRON Grain steel silo are precision engineered from high strength, 80mm x 14mm low profile corrugated steel plate, normally galvanised to 275 g/m2.

4. The life cycle of the silos can come up to 30-50 years long. The products are designed comply with the national standard of GB50322-2001.

5.  SRON Grain steel silo provide the best quality grain storage option available.Erection of the most popular 250t, 500t and 1,000t silos is straightforward,and can typically be completed in around 10 days per silo.

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