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Galvanized Steel Grain Silo

Galvanized Steel Grain Silo
Galvanized Steel
Grain, Paddy,Corn,Soybean, Wheat etc.
SRON corrugation galvanized bolted steel silo adopts hight standard raw material from China national or internation holding steel plant, zinc layer 275~600g/m11 alvailable, with automation manufacturing production line.

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Galvanized Steel Grain Silo

SRON engaged in offering high quality galvanized steel grain silo which is reckoned for advanced features such as rational material discharge, temperature monitoring system, and exclusive material flow design.

These features create a huge demand for our Galvanized Silo Storage System in the market and thereby making us one of the most reliable and prominent manufacturer and supplier in China.

The storage system is advanced and keeps the moisture away. Intensive material cleaning and receiving factor of our Galvanized Silo Storage System make it a reliable product.

Product Features

◇ Scientific method of storage for food grain i.e. first in and first out of grain.

◇ No wastages of gunny bags, bulk grain storage.

◇ Require less space compared with same capacity of Godown Storage.

◇ Mechanized handling of grain, require less manpower hence handling cost is less.

◇ No spillage, no wastage due to rodents, insects, birds etc.

◇ Quality of the stored grain is maintained by aerating the bulk grain.

Product Features

1, Large capacity

One single-silo capacity is up to 18,000 tons with comprehensive configurations to meet customers’ different requirements.


2, High accuracy

Complete advanced processing equipment and technology are introduced from USA to effectively ensure working accuracy and reduce damage to galvanized layer.


3, Less residues

External installable stiffeners contribute to less grain residues on silo walls.


4, Detachable and movable

With standardized and modularized production, components and parts have a high standardization and good interchangeability, thus can be partially replaced or completely transferred.

Galvanized steel grain silo Why Choose SRON

For galvanized steel grain silo In China, SRON is an ideal choice. we has been appraised as Member of China steel silo industry, research center of bulk cement equipment industry and qualified contractor for China National Reserve.


Further with our advanced manufacturing craftsmanship and deep experience, SRON has been appointed Contractor for China Bulk Cement Silo Association.


What’s more, SRON is China Leading turn-key solution contractor for bulk material storage technology silo system and high strength steel structure.

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