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Coal Silo

Coal Silo
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Coal Silo



The coal silo is a facility where raw coal being stored in, for factories that need to burn coal such as thermal power plants or smelters. The raw coal stored in the concrete coal silo is generally block or granular. When using, reclaiming raw coal out of silo, and then crush and grinding. Then conveying to the combustion house.

Technical Features

1. Good integrity and long service life. Special equipment was used in the whole process of Lipp silo construction, this greatly strengthened the carrying capacity of the silo body, and granted the silo high integral strength, good stability and excellent seismic performance.


2. High sealing effect, prevent rain and leakage. Due to the five layer undercut technology, Lipp Silo has an outstanding sealing effect. It can prevent cement, fly ash and other materials from caking and hardening.


3. Short construction period, low cost. By using field construction shortens the construction period.  A 15m tall coal silo could be constructed in 8-10 days. Cost-effective can be achieved for light sheets are used for the whole silo.


4. Covers small area, easy to manage. Lipp Silo’s height and diameter can be arbitrarily adjusted within a large range. Comparably small coverage that could narrow the separation distance between two silos down to 500mm for maximized space utilization.

Product Advantage

1.Good overall performance, long service life: spiral seaming edge five times the parent metal thickness, which greatly strengthens the silos’body resistance to load capacity; its stability and strength service life are better than that of other steel silos.


2.Good air-tightness, extensive usage: this seaming by special equipment bending forming , sealing performance is especially good; can be used in granular, powder storage.


3.Short construction time, low installing cost: the silo body weight is equivalent to 1/6 of concrete silo with same volume , which greatly reduce the basic cost; at the same time extremely short construction period.


4.Equipped with full set auxiliary according customer’s requirement: the silo equipped with conveyor, material level monitor, dust remover, etc. All auxiliary depended on the storage material.

Coal Silo Why choose SRON?

For Coal Steel Silo in China, SRON is an ideal choice. we has been appraised as Member of China steel silo industry, research center of bulk cement equipment industry and qualified contractor for China National Reserve.


Further with our advanced manufacturing craftsmanship and deep experience, SRON has been appointed Contractor for China Bulk Cement Silo Association.


What’s more, SRON is China Leading turn-key solution contractor for bulk material storage technology silo system and high strength steel structure.

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