SRON Provides Professional EPC Solution For Bulk Material Storage Steel Silo System.


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Cement silo

Cement silo
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Cement etc.
We offer welded storage silo up to 100000. in diameter and heights over 145 ft.

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Cement silo



Cement silo, which is made by hot rolling double galvanized coil, can well protect cement from all weather conditions. The strong roof stands up to high winds.

The matching equipment can keep cement in good condition for years.

The matching equipment include Temperature measurement system, Ventilation System, Drying system, Dust collector etc, they can well protect the cement in all situations.


Product Features

1.There is buffer design inside the silo hopper bottom, so the cement in the silo will discharge automatically due to the gravity. 

2.The coating is expoxy paint, which is of Strong adhesion of inorganic materials such as cement, metal; Very corrosion resistant coating itself; Good mechanical properties and wear resistance, impact resistance; Can be made without solvent or high solid coatings; Organic solvent resistance, heat resistance, water resistance; Coating non-toxic. Also it could be galvanized.

 Product Advantage 

01 Good integrity and long service life. cement silo in the whole process of construction using the special equipment, greatly strengthened the carrying capacity of the silo body, so the silo has high integral strength, good stability and excellent seismic performance.


02 High sealing performance, prevent rain and leakage. cement silo due to its five layers undercut technology, so it has high sealing performance, can prevent rain and leakage. Can prevent cement, fly ash and other materials caking and hardening.


03 Using field construction, silo equipment can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so the construction period is short. A coal silo with a high of 15m could be constructed within 8-10 days.


04 Cost-effectiveness can be achieved for light sheets are used for the whole silo which made it just as heavy as the concrete silo.


05 Covers small area, easy manage. cement silo’s height and diameter can be arbitrarily selected within a larger range. Comparably small coverage that could narrow the two silo separation distance down to 500mm for maximized space utilization.

Cement Silo Specifications

We are pleased to introduce our self cement silo. We have executed different type of slipform work. Such as:


1) Chimney up to 150m Ht.

2) Silos upto 40m Dia

3) Bridge Pier, Light House, Wind Tower

4) Pressure Shafts & Surge Shafts for hydro power project with gate groove.

Cement Silo Why Choose SRON

SRON is considered as one of the cement Silo manufacturers in china that offers pre-fabricated and customized storage solutions for different applications.


We are in the business of providing engineered solutions for bulk materials handling and manufacture equipment designed using the industry’s best practice.


We manufacture highly durable cement Silo to fill the requirements of construction, engineering and process industries. If you have any Cement Silos requirement, please just tell us.

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