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Bolted Steel Silos

Bolted Steel Silos
Galvanized Steel
Grain, Paddy,Corn,Soybean, Wheat etc.
SRON corrugation galvanized bolted steel silo adopts hight standard raw material from China national or internation holding steel plant, zinc layer 275~600g/m5 alvailable, with automation manufacturing production line.

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Bolted Steel Silos Brief


SRON bolted steel silos are one of the most advanced storage silos in the market. Our bolted silos are recognized as kind of industry standard. We supply both liquid storage silos and dry bulk storage silos. SRON China offers a range of bolted steel silos with varied diameters and storage capacities. Both stainless steel and epoxy-coated carbon steel silos are available. And all these silos are designed to be water tight.Bolted steel silos can be widely applied for grain, food, mineral, chemical/petrochemical storage.


Our bolted steel silos are commonly used for mineral storage applications, including crushed rock, coal, granular materials and dust. Our abrasion resistant coatings are factory applied and baked. Mineral dry bulk storage silos with hopper bottoms can be erected on structures. They can also be skirted for truck or even railcar loadout.


Our bolted tanks are suitable for a variety of industrial liquids. Our factory-baked protective coatings for carbon steel and our stainless steel fabrication, coupled with a broad selection of gasketing and hardware, provide reliable storage solutions for numerous applications.


Bolted tanks may be fitted with plastic encapsulated bolt heads and nut caps for additional rotection.

Product Advantage

01 Easily installed and serviced

All components are standard components, with replaceable properties, users in the process of use, such as damage or rust, can easily replace the damaged parts, extend the service life;

02 Small silo spacing

The height and diameter of steel silos can be selected in a wide range, the space between two silos can be less than 80CM, less floor space, strong adaptability。The maximum capacity of this type of warehouse can reach 15000 tons, which has absolute economic advantages for large oil plants and terminals.

Features of the Bolted Steel silos

1. The bolted steel silo has inexpensive price and is popular for many users.

2. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability.

3. The bolted steel silo has reasonable production craft and advanced manufacture


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